I’m proud to say I’m one of them

Who We Are | 08/17/2015

Luis Acosta-Herrera
Policy Manager

My name is Luis Acosta-Herrera and I’m the Policy Manager at Stand for Children Arizona. Many people don’t know this about me -- I come from a family where I was the first person to not only graduate from eighth grade, but from high school and then college.

I don’t think my ancestors or even my own parents ever dreamed I would reach the educational heights that I achieved with the very limited resources our family had. It was definitely a hard road, full of fears and unknowns, but one that was necessary to give me and my family a better life. I want that for every child in Arizona.

Stand for Children gives parents the tools to make a college education a viable option for their children. Our dedicated organizers help educate parents to know how they can make sure their child has access to and is prepared for college. If Stand for Children had been a part of my life in my education years, I think the path towards college graduation would’ve been easier; and my parents would have been more informed about how to support me in my pursuit of a degree.

I love Stand’s commitment to helping all kids realize their potential but especially those from low-income areas. We help communities grow where financial resources are few and a culture of low expectations is prevalent. Our team organizes parents, educators, and community members who want to see a better education for every child in Arizona, no matter their zip code or family income. I’m proud to say I’m one of them.

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