Alhambra Community Tutoring Program Kicks Off

Parent & Family Engagement | 09/18/2015

Jeff Howard
Regional Digital Strategist

As regional digital strategist, Jeff helps to build online engagement to support students and improve education.

Norma Chavez and Lucila Maldonado, Alhambra School District parent leaders, learned about the Grand Canyon University tutoring program at a Stand for Children Arizona community meeting. They saw this program as a great opportunity for kids in their community to get the extra help they aren’t able to receive at home. Stand parents started promoting the program until they found out the University had a long waiting list and was not accepting any more kids.

Then, they had an idea. They started a Stand Arizona tutoring program in their community and secured Alhambra High School as a partner in this work. Our parents held a planning session and invited the Principal, Mr. Coria, to join. He loved the enthusiasm of Stand parents, their commitment to the community, and their demonstrated leadership. He was very supportive of this initiative.

Mr. Coria offered to have Alhambra High School's honor roll students serve as tutors. He also offered up the library to host the tutoring program and enlisted school staff to support Stand parent leaders during the sessions.

Today, we hold a Stand Arizona and Alhambra High School tutoring program every Monday and Thursday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. -- when students in the Alhambra community can get help with their homework, specifically in math and reading.

The program started this spring with 12 students and 6 tutors. Fast forward to today, and we have more than 30 students attending and 15+ tutors participating. Every week the attendance increases and parents are very committed to the continued success of this program.

Our parents share a goal in this work: to have a successful community with great schools, improved student outcomes, and an attractive neighborhood for families to start their child off on a college and career-ready track. They believe that if the kids are getting a good education in schools like Alhambra High School, it will become a school everybody wants to attend.

This is the type of community engagement and partnering with schools that really make a difference for our kids. And our parents are leading the way.

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