Top 10 Questions to Ask a School

These are the top 10 questions you should ask your child's school or potential school to determine if it is a high quality school

1. May I have a copy of your school’s latest report card?

2. What are you doing to prepare students for advancement and what evidence do you have that it is working?

3. If my student is struggling, what support does the school provide?

4. What do you see as the role of parents at the school?

5. What makes this school different from my other choices?

6. What teaching methods are used at the school?

7. How will I know how well my student is doing? How often will I be informed?

8. How do you as an administrator support your teachers?

9. Will you walk me through a typical day at the school?

10. May I visit the school and sit in on a class?

These questions were developed by a committee made up of Stand Members, teachers, and school leaders to help parents and guardians identify high quality schools.

The Arizona Charter Schools Association Education Evaluator Tool is another useful resource to gain a clear understanding of a school's performance.



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