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Stand for Children Arizona Voter Guide

Stand has identified some key candidates to vote for in your area - candidates we know will support strong education policy and academic success for Arizona children.

This easy-to-follow guide will help you sift through all of the election options on your ballot. Depending upon where you live in our great state, these candidates have shown the willingness and determination to pass strong and effective education policy for Arizona. But they can’t do that unless they have your vote.

Check out your local candidate, and learn more about how they can make a positive impact on education.

Arizona State Senate

District 8 -   Senator Frank Pratt

District 10 - Senator David Bradley

District 27 - Senator Catherine Miranda

District 28 - Representative Kate Brophy McGee

District 28-  Representative Eric Meyer

District 30 - Senator Robert Meza

Arizona State House

District 8 -   Representative Thomas “T.J.” Shope

District 8 -   David Cook

District 15 - Representative Heather Carter

District 16 - Representative Douglas Coleman

District 18 - Representative Bob Robson

District 24 - Representative Ken Clark

District 25 - Michelle Udall

District 27 - Representative Reginald Bolding Jr.

District 27 - Representative Rebecca Rios

District 28 - Mary Hamway

District 28 - Maria Syms

District 29 - Cesar Chavez

District 30 - Tony Navarrete

Maricopa Community College Governing Board

At-Large District - Linda Thor

District 1- Dennis Kavanaugh

District 2 - Dana Saar

School Board Candidates:

Roosevelt Elementary - Lawrence Robinson

Roosevelt Elementary - Christina Boston

Roosevelt Elementary - Norma Muñoz

Madison Elementary - Matt Gress

Phoenix Elementary - Richie Ressel

Phoenix Elementary - Angel Jannasch-Pennell

Phoenix Elementary - Lynné Almy

Deer Valley Unified - Ann Ordway

Deer Valley Unified - Bob Stambach

Creighton - Amy McSheffrey

Dysart Unified - William Coniam

Osborn Elementary - Patrick Seifter

Aqua Fria Union H.S. - Mariana Sandoval

Cave Creek Unified - James Rich

Cave Creek Unified - Janet Busbee

Cave Creek Unified - Kathryn Hill

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