What now?

Your AzMERIT score report is intended to enhance your child’s education and progress. Parents should use their child’s information in the AzMERIT score report to work with teachers to understand their child’s strengths as well as identifying areas where more help is needed. If your child is behind in a certain area, work with teachers and the school to find resources that can assist your child in improving, like tutoring, summer school, or educational camps. If the score report indicates your child is strong in certain areas, consider talking with your child’s teacher about advanced coursework.

The AzMERIT score report is meant to help guide these conversations with your child’s teachers as well as support regular check-ins to ensure your child is on track. Shared goals should be set for the school year and parents should consider how they will help their child continue learning at home.

You might also want to think about having a conversation with your child about their scores and help them to understand how you plan to support their educational progress at school and at home.

Here are some sample questions you might want to ask your child’s teacher once you have the score report.

  1. What do my child’s scores indicate are areas for growth for him/her? Where are they strong and how can we push them in those areas?
  2. Where are some specific places that my child can work on improving?
  3. What resources are available at the school or what could we use at home to help him/her develop in those key areas?
  4. How do you plan to support my child in improving?
  5. Can we develop a plan to work together (as teachers and parents) with regular check-ins throughout the year to make sure my child is on track?

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