How to read your child's score report

The AzMERIT test provides meaningful and clear information about how your child is performing academically. This new, smarter test helps parents and teachers know if a student is mastering the skills and knowledge he or she needs to be ready for college and career. The AzMERIT test and score report is designed to supply that critical information about a child’s learning progress.

These tests measure grade-level subject knowledge and skills in English language arts and math. The AzMERIT score report provides a detailed description of how a student performed on the math and English language arts/literacy portions of the test. The report shows how well a student is developing the knowledge and skills expected of students at their grade level. It also includes information about how their performance compares to other students in the school, district, and across the state.

The AzMERIT test uses four performance levels that delineate the knowledge, skills, and practices students are able to demonstrate:

  • Highly proficient: Advanced understanding, highly likely to be ready
  • Proficient: Strong understanding, likely to be ready
  • Partially proficient: Partial understanding, likely to need support to be ready
  • Minimally proficient: Minimal understanding, highly likely to need support to be ready

These score reports show an evaluation of a student’s abilities such as problem solving, communication skills, and critical thinking. Students who score “proficient” or “highly proficient” are likely to be ready for their next step while those who score “partially proficient” or “minimally proficient” will need additional support.

AzMERIT tests were built to test and indicate a child’s academic progress and readiness. The score report is meant to give parents relevant, actionable information about how and where to work with teachers to support your child.

See a sample score report for both English language arts and math and learn how to read your child’s scores.

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