The AzMERIT test was developed in collaboration with educators, education policy experts, community members, parents, and business leaders. It was created as part of an effort to select a rigorous, cost-efficient statewide assessment. AzMERIT was designed to provide information to parents and teachers about a student’s performance and help them evaluate academic progress.

This test was developed because of a pressing need -- recognized by business leaders, elected officials, and educators – to ensure that students were ready for college and career. It was not developed by the Federal government or the Obama administration but are specific to Arizona and our state’s academic standards. AzMERIT reflects feedback from parents, teachers, and business and community leaders.  

These tests were designed to:

  1. Measure student learning and readiness to succeed in college courses and relevant technical courses, and   
  2. Inform Arizona’s accountability measures (A-F School Letter Grades, Move on When Reading, Principal and Teacher Evaluations).

Arizona is the only state that takes AzMERIT test. Students take the test in grade 3-8. During the first year of the AzMERIT test (2014-2015), parents will receive the AzMERIT score for their child in the fall. In the future, scores will be delivered before the end of the school year.

AzMERIT tests do not impact GPA, high school graduation, or college entrance. Parents and teachers need multiple ways to know how a child is doing academically. This is one additional piece of information that can help parents know how well their child is doing and if they are on track to be ready for college and career.

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