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2016 Legislative Endorsements: Education Candidates for Arizona

Stand Arizona does not take the endorsement of political candidates lightly. In fact, our influence in elections is often the factor that most definitively differentiates us from other education advocacy groups.

We start with a detailed and well-crafted survey that we send out to all candidates. It asks them a series of questions about their thoughts on education policy and priorities. One question this year asked specifically about Arizona’s literacy rates.  Currently, 60% of all Arizona school children can’t read. We wanted to know what aspiring legislators plan to do about that.

Once the surveys are filled out, our trained and organized parents review them. Sometimes, they may request a follow-up interview with the candidate to clarify their positions.

Once the surveys are scored, both by our parents and by hand-picked education professionals, we prepare our list of endorsements.

You will notice that our list this year is very diverse, both in political party and in candidate background. What side of the aisle you are on makes little difference to us. We pick candidates who put children first and who have ideas, drive, and ambition to actually get things done.

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Senate Endorsements:

Senator David Bradley, District 10

Senator Catherine Miranda, District 27

Representative Kate Brophy McGee, District 28

Representative Eric Meyer, District 28

Senator Robert Meza, District 30


House Endorsements:

Representative Thomas “T.J.” Shope, District 8

David Cook, District 8

Representative Heather Carter, District 15

Representative Douglas Coleman, District 16

Representative Bob Robson, District 18

Representative Ken Clark, District 24

Michelle Udall, District 25

Representative Reginald Bolding Jr., District 27

Representative Rebecca Rios, District 27

Mary Hamway, District 28

Maria Syms, District 28

Cesar Chavez, District 29

Tony Navarrete, District 30

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