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2016 Arizona School Board Endorsements

School governing boards act as the key link between a community and the public schools within it. The job of a school board is to make sure children in their district are getting the best possible education, and they do that by controlling district finances, holding schools accountable for performance, and incorporating the community's input into programs and curriculum. 

Because education is the only item on the agenda of a school board, we at Stand for Children Arizona go to great lengths to make sure those who we endorse for school governing board candidacy not only put children first, but have solid plans and ideas on how to address our most pressing problems in Arizona. Currently, 3 out of 5 Arizona 3rd graders cannot read at grade level!  So, through our rigorous endorsement process, we looked for candidates who would put early literacy high on their list of issues.

We also used our detailed education policy survey and interviews to determine which candidates will tackle the problems of chronic absenteeism and English Language Learner (ELL) programs. Fortunately, several school governing board candidates for various Arizona districts impressed us with their plans.

We are proud to endorse:

Roosevelt Elementary School District:

Lawrence Robinson

Christina Boston

Norma Munoz

Madison Elementary School District:

Matt Gress

Phoenix Elementary School District:

Richie Ressel

Angel Jannasch-Pennell

Lynné Almy


Other Area districts:

Deer Valley Unified School District

Ann Ordway

Bob Stambach

Creighton School District

Amy McSheffrey

Dysart Unified School District

William Coniam

Osborn Elementary School district

Patrick Seifter

Agua Fria Union High School District

Mariana Sandoval

Cave Creek Unified School District

James Rich

Janet Busbee

Kathryn Hill

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