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Understanding Arizona's Academic Standards is a free tool we’ve created to help parents better understand homework related to Arizona’s new academic standards in math and English in Kindergarten – 8th Grade.

As an organization that works with parents every day in Arizona schools, Stand understands the challenges parents face as they try to help their children approach concepts in a new way – a new way that will prepare them for college and the jobs of tomorrow.

However, while this approach is new it doesn't mean that it’s bad. In fact, a majority of Arizona teachers support it. The goal of these new standards is to challenge our students to do more with what they learn both inside and outside of the classroom as they prepare for future educational success as well as diverse careers. In today’s world, it’s about teaching kids the “why” and not just the “how.”

As parents, we know that you may also need some help with the “how.” We hope this site provides the much needed support to help your child succeed. While it will not answer every question you might have, we hope it answers a few and helps ease some of the frustration that comes along with learning new things.

Visit the site and use the tool here:

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