Our Work

We opened our doors in 2009 because we saw a need to bring together parents, communities, and organizations as partners to mobilize around the common goal of improving the odds for our students. Together, we advocate for strong policies at the state and local level, elect education champions who will keep children at the center of their policy priorities, and follow through to ensure new policies are effectively implemented in public school classrooms.

Access to a quality public education is a basic human right – one we are dedicated to fighting for.


We believe that all children should receive a high-quality, equitable education - especially those who are furthest from opportunity and justice.

How We've Changed Lives 

  • We drafted, researched, and helped pass SB 1014 into law, reinventing the landscape for students to learn English faster. This bill gives local school districts greater flexibility to teach students with strategies, schedules, and tools that best meet the needs of the 83,000 English Language Learners across Arizona.

  • We helped pass HB 2520, a bill to strengthen existing reading policies that adds accountability and transparency to early literacy funding.

  • We fought tirelessly help 83,000 ELL students who are falling behind to learn English faster. While we came up a bit short, but we won’t lose heart. Next year will continue to advocate for these needed changes.

  • We’ve trained more than 3,000 parents on the importance of education and how to get involved in order to influence policy.

  • We worked to secure early literacy funding for schools with high percentages of students in poverty. They will receive $12 million in targeted early literacy funding – up from $8 million.

  • We facilitated and funded a tutoring program that was inspired by Stand-trained parents. It is now a model of success that districts plan to expand.

  • We helped pass a state proposition that will bring $3.5 billion in funding to K-12 public schools over the next 10 years.

  • Our parents supported override measures that successfully raised more than $20 million for the Alhambra and Roosevelt School Districts.

And that’s just the start.

Building on our past work in Arizona -- including chronic absenteeism, kindergarten enrollment, and literacy-- the next phase is Every Child Reads (ECR).

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