Parent Leader Tutoring Program

In the Alhambra Elementary School District, parents realized there was a big problem with a significant number of elementary students falling behind academically. This is a district where many families live below the poverty line. English is not a first language, and the children face challenges that children in other communities never see, much less experience.

But despite those struggles, parents in Alhambra did not sit idly by. Two mothers approached us with an idea – to set up a tutoring program using honor students from a nearby high school to tutor the elementary students after school. With the help of the Principal at Alhambra High School (part of the Phoenix Union High School district), we funded the venture, trained the parents, and facilitated the program.

The results have been undeniable. More than 40 young students have taken advantage of this extra education and their improvement is clear. But the tutors have benefitted as well.

"I was a bit hesitant at first since I’ve never really worked with children, but now, I love every moment. I look forward to helping these young students learn and grow.”— Anthony Orduno, an Alhambra H.S. Junior

Because of its success, other districts are now looking into starting similar programs. Stand trains parents to use their leadership skills to pinpoint a problem, and then take action to fix it. Just one example of how we empower parents to bring change in their communities.

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