Family Engagement & Organizing

There is a universal truth that parents want their children to be happy, healthy, and to live a life better than their own.

There is also an unfortunate truth that for many parents in under-served communities, access to resources, leadership training, and guidance on how to have a voice for their children is often not available.That’s where we come in.

When Stand organizers work with communities and school districts, we find parents incredibly passionate about what their children are learning. These parents yearn to have an impact, but they have not traditionally had access to the decision-makers who influence their child’s academic success.  We channel their energy, turning them into "proactive action-takers".  With their newfound leadership skills, they are prepared to make a significant difference in the lives of the children and schools in their communities.

Stand's Arizona Impact:

Our powerful team of trained parents has grown to more than 200. They mobilize to influence school districts to adopt student-centered policies, identify and work to elect candidates and school board members, and make sure parent voices are heard loud and clear when decisions about their children’s education are being made. That directly impacts the achievement of their children. Students from more-involved families are more likely to earn higher grades, graduate high school, go on to college, and have better social skills.

Regardless of the neighborhood they live in, parents care deeply about their children. We makes sure that love isn’t lost in translation and is a positive force for change.


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