Arizona Voters Give Lawmakers Failing Grade

The results are in: We asked voters to grade state lawmakers when it comes to helping our public schools.

And guess what happened?

52 percent of voters gave lawmakers a D or F.

And only 28 percent approve of their overall work.

Adding to that, voters continue to rate education as their top priority — up to 46 percent rate it higher than illegal immigration and healthcare, up from 40 percent last year. 78 percent believe our public schools need more funding.

Voters understand we can’t continue to underfund our schools, and the grade they give lawmakers right now reflects that.

But, the great news is, lawmakers can raise their grade with voters if they truly make education funding a priority this legislative session.

This means investing more in struggling readers to address the fact that only 44 percent of our third-graders read on grade level. Another option is a common sense solution like giving local districts the flexibility to adopt their own high-quality programs to teach children English faster.

A summary of the poll is available for download.

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