This is 2020: Meaningful Stories, Artful Healing

We would like to thank all of the young people that submitted their work for This is 2020: Meaningful Stories, Artful Healing. We are blown away by how thoughtful and sophisticated each submission was, and are so excited to share your work with the world! We would also like to thank the parents, educators, and community members that encouraged and continue to support our youth in their development as the future leaders of our community. 

We hope that you take some time to view all of our student art submissions! Thank you to all of our student artists, and congratulations to our finalists!


Hadley Barnes, Richland Elementary, 4th Grade 

MarKesa Webb, Snowden School, 7th Grade 

Risha Manga, Lausanne Collegiate School, 10th Grade 

Dae'Veon Carter, Kipp Academy, 9th Grade 

Courtney Williams, John P. Freeman Optional School, 7th Grade 


Amanda Simpson, Overton High School, 9th grade 


Lauren Wylye, Snowden School, 6th Grade 


Amelia Halter, Snowden School, 6th Grade 



Alex Alphonse, 3rd Grade 


Whittney Ousley, 8th Grade 


Mahogany Shaw, 9th Grade, Central High School



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