2020 Legislative Candidate Endorsement Process

Here’s a glimpse at how our endorsement process works:

We invite legislative candidates to participate in our endorsement process and complete an online questionnaire. Based on a candidate’s questionnaire responses and his/her/their voting record (this only applies to incumbents), some candidates may be invited for a virtual interview with Endorsement Committee. Candidates are evaluated based on their:

  • Responses to our questionnaire;
  • Voting record on our key issues (if applicable);Interview responses (if applicable); 
  • and Overall alignment with our priorities.

After considering all the relevant information, our Endorsement Committee makes an endorsement decision.

Here’s the criteria we consider for each candidate:

  1. Issue Alignment: The candidate shows a commitment to raising achievement for all students in an equitable way, increasing family and community involvement, improving school funding, and ensuring our schools have effective principals and teachers. If they are an incumbent, they have a strong track record on behalf of our issues and bills.
  2. Strong Personal Character: The candidate is strong on making systemic improvements to our education system, has a vision and makes clear commitments. The candidate values citizen engagement and welcomes meaningful participation by Stand for Children in the policy-making process. The candidate shows leadership, strives for consensus, but supports potentially unpopular policy changes if necessary to get results for children.
  3. Viability: The candidate has a clear and viable strategy for winning their race.

See how candidates voted in 2019-2020 in our legislative scorecard

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