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2017 Legislative Session


35-organization coalition works to improve equity in education

The Campaign for Student Success announced nine more organizations have signed onto the growing coalition advocating for a new, equitable approach to Washington’s education system. Democrats for Education Reform Washington, Washington State Association for Head Start and ECEAP, Solid Ground, College Success Foundation Washington, Parents for Student Success and SOAR are among those that have signed on. The coalition formed earlier this year under the simple premise that we are not asking the right questions about the McCleary solution to ensure that student success is at the forefront of every decision that the legislature will need to make this session.

“We are proud to stand with the Campaign for Student Success to seize the opportunity presented by McCleary to ensure every student – in every neighborhood across Washington state – receives the quality education they deserve,” shared Shirline Wilson, Interim State Director of Democrats for Education Reform Washington.

Coaltion Members:

    • Asian Pacific Islander Coalition

      Child Care Aware of Washington
    • Coalition of Immigrants, Refugees and Communities of Color
    • College Success Foundation Washington
    • Democrats for Education Reform Washington
    • Equity in Education Coalition
    • League of Education Voters
    • Parents for Student Success
    • School's Out Washington
    • SOAR
    • Solid Ground
    • Statewide Poverty Action Network
    • Stand for Children Washington
    • Thrive Washington
    • Treehouse
    • Washington State Association for Head Start and ECEAP
    • Washington State Charter Schools Association

On Friday, the Campaign for Student Success publicly commended the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus's education funding proposal, Education Equality Act, as a step in the right direction to bring fairness to Washington's education system. Today, parents, community leaders and equity fighters part of Campaign for Student Success will travel to Olympia to testify in support of the funding proposal at the Senate Ways & Means Committee's public hearing.

The newly launched Campaign for Student Success is a diverse group of parents, education advocates, community leaders and fighters for equity united in its belief all students, regardless of background, deserve a world-class education. The Campaign for Student Success is urging Governor Inslee and Washington legislators to put forward student-focused solutions to McCleary to ensure every student has access to a great education. As part of its effort to invite Washington parents and students to share their hopes for the future of schools, the campaign launched its first TV ad, “What If,” which premiered during the Seahawks Divisional Round matchup. 

The Campaign for Student Success is built on three key policy pillars that will shape the conversation about McCleary funding in Olympia, and serve as the foundation for this unique coalition: 

  •  Funding & Fairness: Sufficient funding must also be equitable and fair, meaning we must support those students who need it most;
  • Talent: Educator compensation must be funded with a focus on equity, growing the pipeline of excellent educators and matching them with students who need the most help;
  • Accountability: Funding and talent must be accompanied by a robust accountability system that sets clear goals, tracks progress over time, and provides appropriate supports and programs for under-performing schools and struggling students.

The coalition boasts a growing and diverse list of members, and continues to grow. 

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